Dicht op de Huid - Surpassing the Beeline

Interactive Storytelling Performance // 2020 // Director: Abhishek Thapar, Storyteller: Hilda Moucharrafieh, Masha Ru, Rinku kalsy, Sahil Sahni, Vaishali Nanda, YiLing Hung // Utrecht, the Netherlands

Personal stories are shared through food. 6 stories are told through 6 dishes. It is always an enjoyable experience to have a meal with other people, and in this case, with 20 guests.

This is the second version of Surpassing the Beeline. I introduce a type of Taiwanese typical breakfast Egg Pancake(蛋餅).

Same as the last version, food is the vehicle to convey thoughts/perspectives/ideas, and eating together is a form of social gathering to generate conversation. Through this cuisine Egg Pancake, I talk about the eating-out culture in Taiwan, which is different from the culture here. In the story, I focus on describing the typical type of breakfast shops where you must be able to find this cuisine. During the performance, I picture the shop space and the interaction happens in the shop through only words to the audience. The storytelling ends with sharing my feeling of missing home and my way in dealing with homesick by making Egg Pancake now and then.
Photo: Masha Ru, YiLing Hung